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lesliebixelLeslie Bixel, Principal

A world class software marketer and proven leader of business innovation and expansion, as the director of business development for Adobe’s Advanced Technology Labs, Leslie Bixel took on the grand challenge of creating an evergreen pipeline of viable new products to drive revenue growth for Adobe.  In 2000 Leslie founded Adobe's "IdeaStudio", a new product incubator and executive oversight process, as well as the Entrepreneur in Residence program to facilitate innovative new product development. 

An experienced intrepreneur herself, Ms. Bixel joined Adobe in 1987 to start-up Adobe’s Asian language application software business, and is regarded as “the mother of desktop publishing” in Japan.

Today Ms. Bixel consults to senior management on critical marketing issues and drives initiatives to address common challenges such as new product introductions, revenue growth, expansion into new geographic markets, new business creation and innovation, international standards engagements, and corporate positioning.   

Ms. Bixel is a graduate of Stanford University and an alumna of the Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program.