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Standards Marketing


In these days of global connectivity, making your products available to all markets is critical. 

Building a great product is not always enough.  If your business does not play well with others, you may risk the dreaded fate of vendor lock out.   Understanding how to make the most of the internationally accepted standards for your industry can assure your business market share; and potentially block your competitors.  For technology products, establishing clear positions on emerging international standards is a critical element of most product marketing efforts.

At TwoRidge Partners Inc. we leverage our first hand knowledge with the processes and politics of ISO, IEC and W3C to identify the standards activities most relevant to your products and services. Our experience in advising executive management on the right strategies for standards adoption has resulted in some of the most widely adopted open standards in the market today: PDF, SVG, ICC, JPEG, TIFF, and 100’s more.

Too often overlooked as a component of a complete marketing program, standards marketing will signal your customers, your partners, and your investors that you have a vision for the future.  Let us help you create a standards strategy to enhance your business opportunities.