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We love making people and businesses successful. In addition to the hundreds of start-up teams we have worked with over the years, we also work with large organizations and non-profits to meet their strategy and marketing needs.

We have a thing for ideas at TwoRidge Partners.

We believe a good idea can come from anywhere.

And we believe the best ideas are ones that have been socialized: talked about, turned over, questioned and refined. There are not a lot of bad ideas; just ideas that are incomplete, partially formed, or not yet met their time.

With that philosophy in mind, we have made a place here for ideas we and our clients find interesting. For now it is a random list. Maybe someday it will be a blog. Meanwhile, if you have feedback on any of the following, please use our contact form and drop us a line.


Things to think about:

Why do Standards matter?

Why do most new products fail?

Do technologies need brands?