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What can we do for you?

We pride ourselves on operational excellence. Following is a list of just some of the projects we take on for our clients. Don't see what you are looking for? Give us a call. We may be able to help you.

Product Management / Product Marketing

Great product managers understand all aspects of bringing a product to market.  Our long experience in “cradle to grave” product marketing means we can help on everything from working with your development teams to create product specifications, to rolling out version 12 features to expand your markets.

Opportunity Analysis / Market Assessment/ Go-to-market Planning

Start small; grow big.  We are experts in sizing up new market opportunities. We can help you create the right sized entry strategy for new products, new customers, and new regions.  If you have a choice of multiple investments, we can help you with rational evaluations and proven metrics for making the hard choices.

Marketing Research / Competitive Analysis

We love data and all that it can reveal about a business, its products and its customers.  We can help you answer important questions about your markets.

Project / Program Management

Solving business problems is what we do best.  If you need someone to figure out how to improve your business processes to produce consistent, measurable results, in a reasonable timeframe, then give us a call.

Web Marketing

SEO, SEM and analytics can be a marketers dream, or an absolute nightmare.  Making the most of these great tools means knowing the right questions to ask, the key indicators to measure, digesting the data you gather and adjusting accordingly. 

Press and analyst events, launches and product demos

Cost effective tactics that get attention, build reputation, communicate with customers, and build your word of mouth campaign.

Strategy and Planning

We specialize in business strategy. If you need help in the authoring and execution of a strategic planning process, we have experience driving strategic planning efforts for companies and institutions of all sizes. We help to create plans that are relevant, realistic and achievable; and we help you insure that actions follow strategy during implementation.

Standards Marketing

Standards Marketing is too often overlooked as a component of a complete marketing program, standards marketing will signal your customers, your partners, and your investors that you have a vision for the future. Let us help you create a standards strategy to enhance your business opportunities.

Business Innovation

We have successfully implemented new product incubators, idea generation programs, research collaborations and creative employee incentive programs to fuel innovation across organizations, whether large or small. Let us help you to amplify innovation in your business.

Board Level and VC Pitches

Sometimes the hardest audience is not the public, but your peers. We have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and senior executives to build the components of winning pitches.  If funding is your first priority, we can help.

Crafting Executive Presentations & Keynotes

Making a good impression is critical when representing your company at a speaking engagement.  Not only will your words be heard that day, but they will also linger on in conference proceedings, digital recordings, and press articles.  Memorable keynotes are ones that relay simple messages using fresh content and new perspectives.  It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.
At TwoRidge Partners we know how to make your presentation meaningful and memorable.  Our experienced team has been behind the keynote presentations at leading industry conferences such as MacWorld, Comdex, Consumer Electronics and Seybold. In addition we have worked with a wide range of executives to deliver buzz-worthy talks at meetings of thought leaders convened by Wharton, Harvard, the Financial Times.
We have the skills to make you look good.  Let us help you polish up your presentation, plan your demos, script your panel, and plan your PR.  We can implement a complete program that will assure you a high impact presentation.

Meeting Facilitation

Professional moderation can increase the quality of any meeting.  For your most important meetings, we can help increase efficacy, clarify strategies, and drive for alignment.  We use creative tools for business planning that get real results out of meetings.